Wednesday, April 6, 2011

R&R Hall of Fame Week

This was another entertaining night. Excellent performances. They must have heard me last editing songs tonight, the full versions, thank you!!!! As a songwriter and as a performer, it's great to hear these songs in their complete form. So, my favorite performances tonight were: Jacob, James and Pia. Who should go? Paul. Enough said. Who do you think should be voted off?

Jacob Lusk-Man In the Mirror
Wow, he did a great job singing that song! I got goose bumps! You go, Jacob! What passion, range and power! So cool to hear the writer of the song, Siedah Garrett, singing harmony with him. One of my favorite songs ever written.

Haley Reinhart-Piece of My Heart
Ouch, Haley is tearing her voice up, and for what? She is so hoarse when she speaks, I can't listen. She's on her way to destroying her vocal cords, just to please the judges. Her performance was powerful, confident, but she didn't have to yell and hurt herself to prove she can sing like Janice. Hope she doesn't do that again.

Casey Abrams-Have You Ever Seen the Rain
Nice rendition, relaxed, nice playing.

Lauren Alaina-Natural Woman
One of my favorite songs of all time. Another hoarse speaker, who knows how long her young voice will last? At least she didn't scream it though. She sang it well, but nothing that unique. Hard song to sing.

James Durbin-While My Guitar Gently Weeps
What a great singer, man! Really touching, and a great ending.

Scott McReery-That's Alright
He did a great job surprising us with some rockin' vocals. Who knew he had it in him? That was a lot of fun. Go Scotty!

Pia Toscano-River Deep and Mountain High
Wow, this woman can sing like nobody's business! Jeez! She's not a big mover when she sings, but then I couldn't move at all in those high heels. Give her some sneakers, and then she can jump all over the place like James Durbin. She's as good a singer as any Diva out there, if not better. Still my favorite female contender.

Stefano Langone-When a Man Loves a Woman
He was so much more present tonight, and as usual, great vocals. Passionate, and what a range! Incredible singing. Best performance that he has had.

Paul MacDonald-Folsom Prison Blues
He definitely got the audience riled up. My least favorite performance of the evening as usual.


cdecotis said...

My favorite of the night was Jacob...also loved Stefan.

I'm guessing (if America votes fairly) that Paul, Lauren, and Haley will be the bottom three...with Paul being voted off. However, I'm sure Paul will stay and one of the girls will go.

I agree that the full versions of the songs make a huge difference on how they come across to the much better.

Also, I thought it was great that Randy gave Todd Rundgren the recognition he deserves...but I believe that TR started to produce a Janis Joplin record but did not complete it (something about his own music that interferred with the timing). Todd must be there to check out the contestants for next week's show.

cdecotis said...


I just read this online--a quote from Todd's wife Michele:

"Sorry Everyone...I wish I had better news. American Idol decided to go in a different direction with their musical theme so they didn't use Todd. I think we should show them what they missed by focusing on The X Factor!"