Thursday, April 21, 2011

Results Show 4/21/11

Stefano is going home tonight. He's such a likable guy; talented, cute, with a great attitude to boot. I would think that being in a near fatal car accident puts things into perspective.
Tonight, he sang his farewell song "Lately" with more passion and abandon than ever on AI. I guess the pressure was off, so he could relax and enjoy the moment. I will miss watching him but I predict that he will have a very successful career and we will be hearing from him again soon.
I'm glad Jacob didn't get sent home. Did America get it right? Maybe. Anyone could have been sent home tonight; the performances were all top notch last night. I think Haley should go next, but I don't think that's going to happen. We'll see. Do you think America got it right?


Unknown said...

No, America did not get it right at all! I don't think Hayley should be sent home next week, though - she can do amazing things with her voice and isn't given enough credit. James, however - the most overrated thing I've ever seen on this show!

cdecotis said...

I almost had to break into the ice cream again this week after Stefano's departure! It wasn't his time...but I was proud of his exit...definitely a good sport, a great guy, and an excellent attitude. Like you said Vickie, he probably has a different point of view since his accident.

I am glad it wasn't Jacob to go, even if he had a rough time this week. He has far too much talent.

If Haley sings like she did this week on the next show, she'll deserve to stay another week...and if Scotty chooses another lousy tune, then he should be the one to go.

In my opinion, James deserves the credit he's been getting. Only, I hope the judges/producers don't steer him toward songs like his Muse choice this week. It's not what he does when left to his own decisions. His Judas Priest song back the 1st week, I think (?), was my favorite of his throughout the competition.