Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Songs from this Decade 4/20/11

This was another great episode of American Idol. I believe it's been the most entertaining idol season since I've been watching for the last 4 seasons. Everyone is so talented, unique in their style and knows who they are. I guess they've been studying the show now for 10 years: AI university if you will, and they really have it down.
I enjoyed James' performance the most tonight. Scotty was my least favorite of the night, but now that Paul is gone, I think Haley should be the next one to leave. It's getting more difficult to decide now. Who do you think should go home?

Here's my take on the evening's performances:

Scotty McReery-Swingin'
Loved when he sang that octave lower in the last verse. What a range,the deep bass voice, wow! He did a good country job as usual. Nothing different, but he's good at what he does, especially for his young age!

James Durbin-Uprising
Go James! That was such a dramatic and rockin' performance; what a vocal range-superhuman! James always keeps me interested, involved, riveted. You never know what he's going to do next. I think he studied at the Adam Lambert school of Idol and got an A+. Best performance of the night.

Haley Reinhart-We Could Have Had It All
As I've said this before; her voice sounds so fatigued when she speaks. I wish she'd get voted off the show, so she can go home and have vocal rest. I fear she's headed for permanent damage. I agree with the judges: the song was a good choice for her, a good direction for her career. She sang it well.

Jacob Lusk-Dance With My Father
What happened there with his ear monitors; no music, just drums? That kind of problem can really throw someone off, but he kept going, which shows he is a pro.

This reminds me of a time a while back in my singing career when I was onstage as an opening act in front of 2000+ people in a large theater. I wasn't given a sound check beforehand due to an emergency with the headliner needing to rehearse a new bass player last minute on stage. So, with no sound check, I had to start my first song while the sound man adjusted the volume of my keyboard in the stage monitors. I was onstage solo, and for about 5 seconds in the middle of that song, no sound came out of the stage monitors, so I heard nothing from the keyboard at all. I just had to watch my fingers play and go by feel and hope I was playing the right notes while I continued singing as if nothing were wrong. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Guess I'm pretty strong by now. But I digress........

The end of Jacob's song really pulled me in, but the rest of it was a little too contained. I could relate to his dilemma and what the judges were referring to. As a singer/songwriter myself, it has been challenging at times when I've sung a song close to my heart. How to get through the song, and feel the truth of the song without breaking down is the challenge.
One more thing about the judges feedback tonight: Jacob was told so often at the beginning of the competition to hold back and not over sing at the beginning of songs, and now, they are telling him the opposite; let it rip from the beginning. Confusing double messages, judges. What should Jacob do?

Casey Abrams-Harder to Breathe
He plays guitar too? This guy is so talented! Charming ending when he kissed Jennifer, very funny. I love him; he's so original. He's always taking chances and knows who he is. I have an enormous amount of respect for him.

Stefano Langone-I Just Can't Stop
He did a great job, more confident, lively and and he connected with the audience. Great singing as usual.

Lauren Alaina-Born to Fly
She tore that song up. Great job! She could win this competition. Just be gentle with your voice Lauren.


cdecotis said...

Stefano, Casey, and Lauren were my favorties last night. Thought Haley sounded much better than usual with the Adele song and no growls (ick--which is just one reason Casey sounded so good, IMO).

James is one of my two favorites (Jacob, being the other) in this competition overall, but I really dislike Uprising...and because it was too Adam Lambert-ish, I wanted it to be over. Give me the metal anytime over the drama... Poor Jacob was plagued with technical problems and a song that was killing him emotionally--not the best night for him.

Regarding Scotty...He's really talented but I was not into Swingin' at all...not even a little bit.

With all that said, I don't know who should go home. Probably Haley, but last night was her best night, I think...Scotty because he picked a stupid song? It's getting tougher each week.

Vickie said...

I totally agree with you on every count, except my favorite performance of the evening. It's getting tough now. Thanks for your great comments.