Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Movie Week 4/13/11

Great show tonight, I totally enjoyed it again. I've been saying this week after week. The talent is just so good this year. The judges chose well. After reading all the press about Pia being voted off and the judges not giving the performers helpful criticism, I must defend them. The judges don't have many bad things to say because the singers are so good, not because the judges are "nice". Sure, Simon would be insulting, but I don't think he would have too much helpful criticism either. These contestants are savvy and sophisticated; they listen to the advice that is given to them and make the necessary changes week after week; they are being coached by the best producers in the industry, and they are extremely talented to begin with and all so interestingly different in their styles. Pia is a great singer, but not the most exciting performer, so I can understand why she might have been voted off. But I've read that she has already signed a recording contract and is off and running with her career. That's what this show is for, if you ask me. But why Paul is there, besides the fact that he is cute to look at, I really can't say. So please vote the guy off!!!!!! I think Haley might be going this week if Paul isn't voted off. My favorite performances of the evening were: Casey, Jacob, and James. Who do you think should get voted off?

My take on the performances:

Paul MacDonald-Old Time Rock and Roll
I don't agree with the judges. I think Paul is mediocre, he reminds me of a wedding singer. Wait, I was a wedding singer. But I digress. There is something about Paul that just rubs me the wrong way. Is it his irritating voice? I'm not sure. But he does look like he has fun on stage. I'll give him that.

Lauren Alaina-The Climb
She really sang that well. Much better than Miley. I enjoyed her performance.

Stefano Langone-End of the Road
Corny song. Great vocals though, totally passionate and committed, his best performance yet. He's so likable.

Scotty McReery-My Heart
Nice singing, he is a top country singer.What more can I say. If he got kicked off the show tomorrow, I believe he'd have a record contract the next day. Scotty will do okay no matter what.

Casey Abrams-Nature Boy
Best performance he's done yet! Casey is so COOL! Brilliant! His musicianship is just fantastic. It isn't easy to sing and play the upright bass at the same time, and then to improvise on glad he listened to his own artistic voice. I admire him for that, and he did a great job!

Haley Reinhart-Blondie
It wasn't a great song for her. Her voice sounds so fatigued when she speaks. She might be the next to go.

Jacob Lusk-Bridge Over Troubled Water
Goosebumps. Magnificent. Great build-up in the song. He's really learned how to pace himself in a song. Amen! Glad he didn't sing Impossible Dream... way too sappy! Good advice, Jimmy.

James Durbin-Heavy Metal
What an amazing performance. I'm not a metal fan, but wow, he tore that song up! I'm a huge James fan! Glad he didn't listen to the producers.


cdecotis said...

Hi Vickie,

I enjoyed your post regarding the talent/the press/the judges...and I agree that Haley will probably take the fall tomorrow night, if America doesn't do the right thing and end Paul's run.

I missed the beginning tonight (Stefano, Lauren, Paul). My favorites were Jacob and James. Haley and Paul (from the recap)were my least.

I'm really disappointed that Todd Rundgren did not get to act as a producer...a lost opportunity for each contestant.

A quote from TR's wife Michele from Facebook on 4/11:
"Sorry Everyone...I wish I had better news. American Idol decided to go in a different direction with their musical theme so they didn't use Todd. I think we should show them what they missed by focusing on The X Factor!"


Vickie said...

Yes, I too was perplexed at the change in producers last night. That's show biz!