Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Results Show for Shania Twain Night

Great to read your comments from yesterday's show. I'm with you, Chi-Chi, and luckily, Mike is still in the ring. Yay!
So Siobahn got the boot tonight. That was surprising, because I thought she was more well-liked than the others. I think she is one of the 3 best singers/performers left, including: Mike and Crystal. Lee and Casey have some issues with their voices and are more self-conscious performers; and of course Aaron is still so young, but he is a very good singer for his age.
It's tough at this point to send anyone home, since they all have their strengths. I would have sent Aaron, Lee or Casey home tonight.
Siobahn has been a very interesting and entertaining finalist and I've enjoyed being surprised every week by her quirky fashion choices, song selections, and unique singing approach. I'm sure she will have a strong vocal career if she so chooses.
Did America get it right?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shania Twain songs

Shania Twain is one of my favorite songwriters, and it was interesting watching her coach the singers. She had some good advice to give them. I liked Michael Lynche's performance the most this evening. So what else is new? Who's going to be leaving tomorrow? My guess is Casey James, even though he is eye candy. He's the weakest of the singers at this point. Although he is a very good musician, this is a singing contest.Who do you think should go?

Lee Dewyze-Still the One
This is my favorite Shania song. It was a good song choice for Lee, but I couldn't bear listening to him tearing his voice up. I don't think his voice is going to last very long if he keeps pushing it like that. I know the judges liked the way he sang it, the say current, I say straining. I know as a singer and teacher, that he's really doing some damage.
Michael Lynche-It Only Hurts When I'm Breathing
Beautiful, made it his own. What a great rendition. Loved it! I was moved as I always am when he sings.
Casey James-Don't Tell Me To Go
He took a big chance by not playing a lot of guitar, more vocals, but he was closing his eyes for most of the song, and I felt his fear in being vulnerable. I didn't think this was a great performance, but the judges sure did. He did take a chance though. Gotta hand it to him for that. There is so much tension in his vocal technique. He needs some vocal coaching with a really good teacher.
Crystal Bowersox-No One Needs To Know Right Now
Different style for her. Lighter, more cheerful. She seemed a little self-conscious and shaky. I agree with the judges, not her best performance.
Aaron Kelley- You've Got a Way
He sang that with conviction! He's definitely a country artist. Good job!
Siobahn Magnus-Any Man of Mine
That was a really strange performance. I wasn't crazy about it. It was very low key for the song and then so screechy rock at the end. I wasn't crazy about the performance. The judges loved it though. Oh well.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Idol Gives Back-Results Show

Well, it was a very informative and touching show tonight. I hope they raised a lot of money for the charities that were shown.
And Tim Urban is going home tonight! Long time overdue. I'm sure he will go far in his career. He is the ultimate teenybopper idol. Good luck to you, Tim.

Did America get it right? Yes, I think so.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Inspiration week-Alicia Keys Mentor

Tonight Alicia Keys was the mentor. She had some good advice to give, but it really didn't seem to help the performers. This evening's show wasn't inspiring, even though it was inspirational song night. My favorite performance was Crystal's. Everyone else was a let down. Who will get sent home tomorrow? Either Aaron or Tim. Hopefully Tim.
My take on the singers this week:

Casey James-Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow
Good song choice, he was more animated this week. I thought he did a good job. Eye candy!
Lee Dewyze-The Boxer
Inspirational? I think not. He really didn't pull me in with that song. I didn't like the way he changed the form of the song. But the judges loved it. He sang it well, and seems more confident as the weeks go by.
Tim Urban-Better Days
Good song choice for him, but he seemed pitchy and shaky.
Aaron Kelly-I Believe I Can Fly
Good singing, but it seemed like it was too technically difficult a song for him.
Siobahn Magnus-There Can be Miracles
This was a good song for her, a sleepy arrangement, but I liked the way she did it, very unusual. She's got so much control over her vocal, and no screeching tonight.
Michael Lynche-Hero
First time he's been a little pitchy since he's been on the show. This wasn't my favorite song choice of his or performance, but I'm still a fan.
Crystal Bowersox-People Get Ready
Best performance of the night. The high notes were a little too high for her. She got quite emotional at the end. Doesn't compare to Eva Cassidy's version of the same song though.

Tune in tomorrow morning @ 7:30 AM on Bob Miller's show on 97.7 FM Morning Mix as we talk more about tonight's show.

Who do you think will leave tomorrow?
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Results Show for Elvis Week

Well, I was right at least for one of my predictions as to who would be voted off. Sorry to see Andrew Garcia leave. I like his voice, his talent, but he just couldn't seem to find a song that showed what he was capable of. As for Katie, she needs more life experience, but she has a strong voice and I'm sure will have much success. Why is Tim Urban still on????
My 2 favorites are still in: Big Mike and Crystal. Hope they are on till the end of the show.
Did America get it right?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Elvis Week-Adam Lambert Mentor

The theme tonight was Elvis songs. Adam Lambert was an effective mentor. He got right to the heart of what each performer needed and was honest and direct and very helpful. There were some outstanding performances resulting from his guidance. My favorites were: Big Mike, Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox. They are sending home 2 people tomorrow night. My prediction would be: Andrew Garcia and Aaron Kelly. Though I wish it would be Tim Urban, I know it won't be.
Here are the details of my observations:

Crystal Bowersox-Saved
That was great, she was a lot more expressive, wild and free tonight. Great arrangement.

Andrew Garcia-Houndog
Strange rendition, where is his style in all this? He didn't take Adam's advice really. Not a good song choice, very limited melody; he's really a jazzy r&b singer and this song couldn't lend itself to that style well. His performance dragged on from the first note. I think Andrew is in danger of being sent home.

Tim Urban-Can't Help Falling In Love
Pitchy, his nerves got the best of him. Nice guitar playing, simple arrangement. Did no one else hear his shakiness but me?

Lee Dewyze-Little Less Conversation
More animated than usual, went for it with his singing, made it current. Adam gave really good advice tonight and he followed it well. Best he's done.

Aaron Kelly-Blue Suede Shoes
That song really didn't fit his style. I wanted him to change the arrangement into country. It's a sexy song, and he puts out a very young vibe; he wasn't believable with this. But as usual, his vocals were very good. Kinda karaoke.

Siobahn Magnus-Suspicious Minds
Interesting arrangement, I liked it. Great vocals.

Michael Lynche-In The Ghetto
Beautiful singing, such a simple arrangement. Loved it. I am soothed by his voice, the second he opens his mouth. Great storytelling from his heart! He moves me.

Katie Stevens-Baby What Do You Want Me to Do
Her vocals were great, her pitch problems have been resolved, but, I didn't feel her emotions were sincere. She was too pleasant. She seemed like she was acting the emotion of frustration, not coming from her center. Adam's advice was good, but she could have taken it further.

Casey James-Laudy Miss Claudy
Good performance, but nothing to write home about.

Who were your favorites? So who do you think will be sent home?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Results Show for Top 9

What???? Big Mike got the lowest number of votes??????? What planet are we on?????? He's the best singer and performer on that show! If the judges hadn't used their save on him, I would have turned the show off for good. What is wrong with America?

And what was Rhianna doing tonight? Poor woman, I know she has talent; why doesn't the record label let her sing a song that has a melody so she can use her voice for something pleasant? Michael sounded 1000 times better than she did.

Okay, I've spoken my mind. Looking forward to Adam Lambert as mentor next week. Did America get it right? I think not. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beatles Week

I love the Beatles, so this was a grand night for me; no goofy mentors, just good songs and some really interesting performances. My favorite performance of the night was Big Mike as usual. He's just in a league of his own. I sound like a broken record, I know. I liked Casey James' performance as well. Much improved. Crystal was good as usual, she makes it all look so easy. Katie improved greatly the last two weeks, so who do I think will be voted off? Hard to tell; I think Tim Urban should go,(I've been saying that for weeks) but he seems to have quite a fan base. Aaron Kelly's performance tonight wasn't great, but he's so much better than Tim Urban. I fear Aaron might get the hook tomorrow. That would be a shame, he's a good singer. Well we'll see. My take on the evening's performances:

Aaron Kelly-The Long and Winding Road
Nice singing, but it was a bit boring.

Katie Stevens-Let It Be
Well sung, good pitch for a second week in a row. She had a different air about her tonight, more confident.

Andrew Garcia-Can't Buy Me Love
Cool arrangement,fun, a little Las Vegas at times, but it was okay.

Michael Lynche-Eleanor Rigby
Unbelievable, great vocals, I was mesmerized from the moment he opened his mouth. Great arrangement, so cool! Love him!!!!!!!!!

Crystal Bowersox-Come Together
Soulful, great performance, great rendition. She's so solid! Bonnie Raitt feel.

Tim Urban-All My Lovin'
He should be in the remake of a Monkees movie. Very teeny bopperish, fun, he's just a natural 60's guy. Good song choice for him.

Casey James-Jealous Guy
Nice guitar playing, arrangement, passionate, courageous, vulnerable, impressive. I really felt him tonight. Great performance. Why does my room to get so warm every time Casey performs? Or is it just me?

Siobahn Magnus-Across the Universe
That was a very subdued performance, beautiful control, but, a little perplexing. Don't know what to make of it.

Lee Dewyze-Hey Jude
That was a strange choice with the bagpipe. To me, he seemed more confident, but he could have been singing on a street corner, nothing that special. But he has a very contemporary voice.

Who do you think will be voted off?