Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm In the Carrbbean this week, Be Back Next Week

I'm vacationing this week and will be back next week to comment on Idol. It's all being recorded, so I'll get to see this week's show.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Results show for the top 10

Well, Paige Miles is going home tonight; no surprise there. She really can sing, although I think she pushed her voice too hard and she needs to rest it before she damages it for good. I wish her luck in her career. I thought she sang the song well tonight, better than last night. Why does that always happen? The pressure is over, so they can just sing. Shouldn't that be the idea anyway? Performing is great, such a rush, but it is a high pressure job. I know that first hand. Well, goodbye to Paige. And of course Tim Urban and Katie Stevens are still in the contest. Go figure. Looking forward to next week with Usher as mentor?!?!
Did America get it right?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top Billboard 100

Tonight Miley Cyrus was the Mentor. I don't know if I would want a 17 year old giving me advice even if she had been performing since she was 2. (Which I think she has been). But, she wasn't bogus with her comments, sometimes they were helpful points.
I wasn't blown away tonight by the show, it was a sleeper. But as usual, my favorites were Big Mike and Crystal Bowersox. Other performers that I thought ranked better than average were Aaron, Siobahn and Casey. Who do I think will be voted off the show? Paige Miles or Andrew Garcia. I don't think Tim Urban will ever get sent home, he's too cute for the young girls to let go of, so I won't even mention him.

Lee Dewyze-The Letter
He definitely was doing the Joe Cocker version, but cleaner. This was the best performance of his so far, but it sounded dated. He doesn't thrill me.
Paige Miles-Against All Odds
She had a shaky start, it had some good moments, but there was a lot of pitch problems. It sounds like her laryngitis hasn't totally disappeared, or maybe she has some chronic vocal hoarseness; Paige better see a doctor soon.
Tim Urban-Crazy Little Thing Called Love
It didn't do anything for me. But he was more energetic than he was other weeks. He sang the song very straight, nothing different. But he definitely should be in High School Musical 5.
Aaron Kelly-I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Tonsillitis-laryngitis, what a way to have to sing! I couldn't tell he was sick except for the one high note in the bridge. He does have a strong country style. Good song for him. Nice performance.
Crystal Bowersox-Me and Bobby McGee
Great Janis Joplin rendition without ripping up her voice. She is just a natural. I enjoy watching her. She's kind of Zen.
Michael Lynche-When a Man Loves a Woman
I love his voice, his personality; he could sing the phone book and I'd be happy. He has style, charisma and a flawless voice. It's like eating chocolate moose, smooth, rich and delicious.
Andrew Garcia-Heard it Through the Grapevine
It was nothing different or special. Poor guy, he's talented, but hasn't figured out what to sing to make him stand out. I feel for him.
Katie Stevens-Big Girls Don't Cry
That was more contemporary and less pitchy than the last few performances. This was a good song choice for her. It showed a different side of her, and it was more enjoyable.She really needs some help with her pitch. Send her to me, I could help her.
Casey James-Power of Love
It was the same version basically as Huey Lewis did, but he did it well. I love to watch Casey, so pleasing to the eyes but he didn't do anything very special. I wished he would have taken a guitar solo and ripped it up, or moved around the floor more and just let loose. He's just a low key guy.
Didi Benami-You're No Good
Pitchy from start to finish, she seemed like she was unsure of who she was in this performance.
Siobahn Magnus-Superstitious
If she keeps screaming like that, I think she is going to rupture her vocal cords. That's not what her voice was meant to do, and although it's cool that she can scream like that, if that becomes her trademark (like Adam Lambert's) she might wreck her voice for good. Siobhan is a very free and creative performer. Tonight's song wasn't my favorite, but it was fun.

Who do you think will get sent home? Did you like tonight's show?
Listen in on tomorrow's Morning Mix at 97.7Fm with Bob Miller. I'll be on the show giving my point of view on the performances tonight.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Results show for Top 12 week

So, Lacey Brown is going home. For me, it was a good choice. It was either Lacey, or Tim Urban. She is quirky, but not totally stable as a vocalist; kind of shaky with her pitch. She does have a Melanie-like, commercial quality to her voice, so I'm sure she will be signed to some record label soon. Good luck to her.

Glad Big Mike, Crystal Bowersox and Siobahn Magnus are still in. They are my favorites right now. Maybe Andrew Garcia will get his mojo back.

Did America get it right? I think so. What about you?

Tune in on the Morning Mix 97.7 tomorrow morning with Bob Miller where I'll be talking about tonight's show.
And I'll be performing at the Muddy Cup tomorrow night in New Paltz, NY at 8:00 PM as part of the Naked Songwriters Series.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 12-Songs of the Rolling Stones

I was pleasantly surprised by tonight's show. After last week's eliminations, I didn't think there would be much going on tonight. But there were a couple of outstanding performances, with Big Mike and Siobahn Magnus. This season might end up being more entertaining than I thought. If I had to guess who is going home, it might be Andrew Garcia, but it should really be Katie Stevens or Tim Urban. Here is my take on the singers:

Michael Lynche-Miss You
I liked his version of the song; it was original, arranged just right to fit his musical style, and he had great energy and vocals. It was a powerful start for the evening, but I fear everything will be a let down after that performance.
Didi Benami-Playing with Fire
I liked her rendition of the song. It was unique and interesting. She was a little shaky with the lyrics, but she got through it fine.
Casey James-It's All Over Now
I thought it was a strong, solid performance, and he can really play blues guitar well. He's still a little reserved, but I enjoyed this song. He made it his own. And his looks don't hurt either.
Lacey Brown-Ruby Tuesday
That was an interesting version. Her voice is very unique, but sometimes a little shaky. She needs a little more confidence and should remember not to push her voice, because that's when it gets shaky.
Andrew Garcia-Gimme Shelter
His pitch was flat for much of the song. I wasn't that crazy about this performance. I like when he plays guitar and is more jazzy. He's a talented guy. Hope he sticks around.
Katie Stevens-Wild Horses
I liked this song for her. She does sing sharp a lot, which makes me cringe, but her voice quality is rich and beautiful, especially for a 16 year old.
Tim Urban-Under My Thumb
I thought it was a creative version of the song, but I didn't think Reggae was a strong style for Tim.
Siobahn Magnus-Painted Black
Wow! Outrageous and so original! That was a very unique and riveting performance. She is such a compelling performer and quite a strong singer!
Lee Dewyze-Beast of Burden
That was a very contemporary version of the song. Interesting, but low energy. He still seems like he holds back a bit.
Paige Miles-Honky Tonk
I liked the Gospel feel for her. She did a good job. And she had laryngitis? Jeez!
Aaron Kelly-Angie
He's a true country singer. It was a good song choice for him. Nice voice, nice performance. Is he really 16? He's definitely an old soul.
Crystal Bowersox-You Can't Always Get What You Want
She makes it look so easy, she's such a natural. Janice Joplin definitely is being channeled through her. She's got a lot of soul. She needs to watch out though, because she looks so relaxed that, at times she looks like she isn't even trying. But I know she is.

Who was your favorite performer tonight and who do you think should get sent home?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

3/11/10 Results

Things are getting worse and worse on Idol, and we are just starting in on the 12 finalists! I can't believe Todrick Hall, Lilly Scott, and Kaitlyn Epperly got voted off! I'm okay with Alex Lambert leaving, but how can Tim Urban and Katie Stevens still be in the contest?
Todrick was one of the best performers last night. And Lilly has been consistently good. At least she said on the show that she knows she will continue to be successful with or without Idol. And she couldn't believe who got voted off either! Well, it's just downright depressing; I mean how am I going to keep watching for the next 12 weeks? I guess we will have to count on Big Mike and Crystal Bowersox to keep us entertained. She looked miserable tonight, even when Ryan told her she was safe.
Today, when I asked some of my young students if they were watching Idol, they said no, that it was boring this year, because no one really special was on. These are kids under 9. Out of the mouths of babes!
Well, maybe we will be pleasantly surprised by the finalists. Meanwhile, I'll miss Todrick after last night's show, that's for sure.

Did America get it right? I don't think so. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top16-the Men

Okay, I have my favorite for the season. It's Big Mike! I thought it from the first moment I heard him sing. He makes everyone else look so ordinary in the competition. But my favorites don't usually win. Maybe it will be different this year. Todrick Hall also really blew me away tonight. I will be on 97.7 FM morning mix tomorrow morning at 7:35 with Bob Miller to talk more about Idol. Tune in!
And here is my take on the performances this evening:

Lee Dewyze-Firefly

Upbeat, good song to start the night out. Pitch problems as usual. Why do the judges like this guy so much?

Alex Lambert-Trouble

Such an unusual voice, good song choice for him. I actually liked his performance tonight.He's improving.

Tim Urban-Hallelujah

He was better than before, and although tonight he did do better, I don’t think he is up to par with the rest of the performers. But he is really cute, (looks like he should be on the Partridge Family) and I think very appealing to the demographic that votes on the show.

Andrew Garcia-Genie in a Bottle

I like this guy so much, yet he sounded a little shaky again tonight. I like his attitude, his talent, yet they keep tearing him down and reminding him about how well he did when he sang the Paula Abdul song. Give the guy a break! No wonder he feels shaky.

Casey James-This Letter

He’s handsome, relaxed, sincere, sounds good. I thought it was a good song choice for him. Just like looking at him, what can I say?

Aaron Kelly-I’m Already There

Needs work on his lower range, kind of shaky, but his upper range was good. This song seemed too old and too big for his voice. He does take chances and he is really brave for 16!

Todrick Hall-Somebody to Love

Wow! Cool version! Great singing, great song choice. Loved it. Love him.

Michael Lynche-This Woman’s Work

He’s my favorite! He’s the guy! What a voice, what passion. He’s got it all! The contest is over for me. Just give him the prize.

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top 16-Women

In the past few seasons of American Idol, there were always 1 or 2 performers a year that were outstanding; Melissa Doolittle, Adam Lambert, David Archuletta, Danny Gokey. Even though they didn't win, they made watching the show a pleasure. But this year, I have to say, none of the women stand out like that for me. But out of the women's performances tonight, I liked Crystal Bowersox's best. She was the most passionate and confident. Simon kept saying this was the most important week of all, so maybe that spooked the women. They sure are under a lot of pressure! I hope the ladies get more solid as the weeks go on. Meantime, here is my take on tonight's performances.

Katie Stevens-Break Away
She seemed a little shaky, pitchy, but she really has a nice voice for such a young age. The song didn't go anywhere for me.
Siobhan Magnus-House of the Rising Sun
Interesting rendition, she always surprises us. I liked it, but it didn't blow me away. Nice voice.
Lacey Brown-I Was Made For You
Quirky, interesting voice. And she's got such beautiful eyes. The song suited her. Good performance.
Katelyn Epperly-I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet
Nice voice, but it didn't feel that special of a performance.
Didi Benami-Rhianon
I liked the way she did this song. Her voice is very unique. Nice guitar playing.
Paige Myles-Smile
Her voice and pitch were shaky tonight. I really like her, so I was disappointed by her performance.
Crystal Bowersox-Give Me One Reason
Refreshing, best performance tonight, although her rendition was not that much different from the original done by Tracy Chapman, but she sure put a lot of energy and soul into it.
Lilly Scott-I Fall to Pieces
Weird, she sounded a bit shaky, I didn't really like the performance very much, and she was one of my favorites in the competition.

Who was your favorite tonight?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

3/4/10 Results

Results show:
I agree with John Park going home, but his repeat performance tonight was much more passionate than last night's performance; what a shame.
Jermaine Sellers can really sing, so it's sad that he is going home. Why not send Tim Urban home? He's not nearly as good a singer.
I agree with Michelle Delamor and Hayley Vaughn being voted out, but why do they make them sing after they lose; so cruel. Has anyone out there ever tried singing while they were crying? Impossible!
Well, my favorites are all still in, so on to next week!

Did America get it right? I think so based on this week's performances. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Season 9; Top 20-The Women

My 4 favorite women in this year's competition who have a good mix of talent and personality are:
Paige Miles, Crystal Bowersox, Katelyn Epperly and Lilly Scott.
The judges are always contradicting themselves: pick a song and make it your own; you changed the melody too much, just sing the song the way it was written; What are they saying??????
I don't know what I would do if I were up there, guess I'd take it with a grain of salt and be myself.
My take on tonight's performers:

Crystal Bowersox-As Long as I See the Light
She's got a lot of soul, strong singer, nice song choice. She's really good. And she was in the hospital yesterday, pretty impressive!
Haeley Vaughn-the Climb
She's got a good voice, she's charming, and cute but she has some vocal control issues. I didn't feel her connecting with the song. She's only 16, how hard can we be on her?
Lacey Brown-Kiss Me
She has an unusual sweet voice and up personality and would be a good pop star, but she doesn't blow me away. This was a good song to showcase her personality and an original song like this would be really good for her as an artist.
Katie Stevens-Put Your Records On
Beautiful voice, and only 17, wow! She's got such a rich, husky voice. I like the song she sang. She's good!
Didi Benami-Lean On Me
Good voice, not a great song choice for her. She has a unique style but tonight she showed a different style, which probably confused us about who she really is.
Michelle Delamor-Arms Wide Open
Good voice, but the song didn't go anywhere for me.
Lilly Scott-A Change is Going to Come
Good song choice, she pushed her voice a little too much, so she got a little pitchy sometimes, but I liked her style on the song. She's very original and she knows who she is. One of my favorites in the competition.
Katelyn Epperly-The Scientist
That was a great performance. Beautiful voice. Good song choice. I enjoyed her performance very much.
Paige Miles-Walk Away
Great voice, wow, I liked her performance a lot, loved the song for her. Another favorite contestant of mine in the competition.
Siobhan Magnus-Think
Bad choice of song, but she sure hit that one note as well as Aretha! What a surprise.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Season 9; Top 20-The Men

Hey, great to be back again this year! Looking forward to watching this season. Why are there so many contestants? Weren't there just 12 finalists last year? There were 24 last week! 2 hours a night? Way too long to sit still. 1 hour a night is plenty, but 2? Oh well, I watched all of it and my favorite tonight was Big Mike. I just love this guy.

Here's my take on tonight's show from this singer/vocal coach's point of view:
Big Mike Lynche-Man's World
Great way to start out the night, what a strong voice and a great performer. I love this guy- he's one of my favorites! His beautiful soul just shines through.
John Park-Gravity
Nice voice, cute guy, but boring, I don't feel any electricity from him.
Casey James-I Don't Want to Be
Good guitarist, nice voice ! He's a little reserved, didn't let loose enough for me, but I love to look at this guy, mmmmmmm, what can I say?
Alex Lambert-Everybody Knows
Nice voice, unusual, he's very marketable. I like him. Needs to believe in himself and get used to performing as quick as he can.
Todrick Hall-What's Love Got to Do With It
I know he can be great, but I haven't seen him be great yet. I know he can sing, dance, and I hope he really lets loose soon! Another one of my favorites.
Jermaine Sellers-What's Going On
Good singer, but I didn't feel his soul through it all.
Andrew Garcia-You Give Me Something
He's my other favorite, but I didn't like this performance. Pitchy, disappointing. I like when he plays the guitar.
Aaron Kelly-My Girl
Too much riffing, not a good song choice, too old fashioned, but I think he can sing really well. Good for a 16 year old.
Tim Urban-Come On Get Higher
Good song for him. I enjoyed this performance. Nice voice, so much better than last week. I enjoyed it.
Lee Dewyze-Lips of an Angel
I'm not crazy about is guy, but the judges seem to really dig him. Pitch problems, pushes too hard. Go figure.

Who is your favorite guy so far?