Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Result Night from 4/28/09

Well, I called it, Matt's going home. It should have happened a couple of weeks ago, but he got to show us 2 more weeks of himself, and that was fun.

I can't believe Adam was in the bottom 2. What are people thinking?

It was a fun show to watch tonight. The group number was enjoyable, and I'm a big fan of Natalie Cole who seems to never age. And then there was Taylor Hicks. How did he win American Idol? He seems so mediocre compared to this year's finalists. It's been an exceptional year for talent on AI.

The next person to go should be Kris. Yes, he's cute,likable and a good singer, but not as good as the others, and he knows it.

Next week, rock songs with Slash as the mentor. That should be interesting.

Did America get it right? I think so. What do you think?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Standards From the Rat Pack Era-4/28/09

Jamie Foxx was the coach/mentor tonight. I have a lot of respect for him; he's quite the singer and musician. He gave great advice. I'd listen to what he had to say.
My 2 favorite performances tonight were Adam and Danny. Allison did really well too. I think it's time for Kris and Matt to go. They just don't compare with the other 3. But I don't know who will go first. Matt should have gone home 2 weeks ago. Guess I'll say Matt. Who do you think should go home tomorrow?

Kris Allen-The Way You Look Tonight-Nothing that special to me. Pretty voice, I agree with Simon. He didn't really do anything that original with it.
Allison Iraheta-Someone to Watch Over Me-Well, that's my favorite standard to sing. She did a great job. Passionate, soulful, original. her voice is sounding more raspy every week. Will it last through the contest?
Matt Giraud-My Funny Valentine-A little pitchy, but nice singing. this song suited him.
Danny Gokey-Come Rain or Shine-Great singing, great performance, love him! Tender, soulful and from the heart. Great ending.
Adam Lambert-Feeling Good-Wow, so original, great song choice for him. Love him. Great singing as always. He really is an Olympic singer. He's always a pleasure and a surprise!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Results From Disco Night

This was an interesting results show. It was fun watching Paula choreograph the opening group number. They did well for the most part, for not being dancers.

Then we had to watch the painful Dinosaurs of Disco:
Freda Payne -ooh that was painful. She seemed like she couldn't catch her breath after walking down the stairs and was winded for her entire song. Thelma Houston could still sing and rule the stage, but she was wearing a micro mini negligee that for me was distracting and somehow uncomfortable to watch. Then KC of the Sunshine Band came out. Ouch again, his vocals were weak and he looked like he needed to get on some sort of exercise program. It's hard being a performer; you can't let yourself go, because you are putting yourself up in front of people that are going to judge every aspect of you. For the most part, I just want to hear good singing. If that's not happening, I start noticing everything else that's distracting. Why do these people want to perform on American Idol and be compared to young, hopeful, energetic singers. This season, the contestants are so good, that these established stars can't hold a candle to the current finalists.
I was sad to see David Archuletta singing a mundane pop song. I'm a big fan! His heart didn't seem to be in it. The song was so mundane, and during Season 7, he chose many deep songs that he connected to spiritually, like Imagine, that had depth to them. Ah, the music business. Once you're signed, you lose control of your creativity for the most part. It's all about money. Sad.

And then Lil and Anoop left. Love them both. Sorry to see them go. Both are really talented and likable and I am sure they will both do well in their careers. Best of luck to them. I think Matt should have gone. I would guess he or Allison are next to go.

Did America get it right?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disco Night 4/21/09

Disco night wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be because the songs for the most part had a modern twist to them. My favorite performances of the night were Adam, Danny, Kris and Allison. I think Lil, Matt and Anoop will be in the bottom 3, but Anoop will probably stay. Who do you think will go?

My take on tonight's performances:

Lil Rounds-I'm Every Woman-I thought she did a good job, but again it wasn't that different from the original. She's a great singer, but still not picking the material that makes her shine. I think she might go tomorrow.
Kris Allen-She Works Hard for the Money-Jose Feliciano style-cool. I liked it. Very original.
Danny Gokey-September- I thought he took it to a different place. I liked it. Soulful, great performer-joyful, fun.
Allison Iraheta-Hot Stuff-Solid performance- She's the rocker of the competition, hard to believe she is only 16. She's so confident and seasoned as a singer and performer. As always, I don't support the way she is singing. It's only a matter of time before she has no voice left.
Adam Lambert-If I Can't Have You-Wow, what a range and he knows how to use it. Original, riveting. Disco isn't so bad after all!
Matt Giraud-Stayin' Alive-I liked the beginning, then it got pretty corny. Too much like the original, which I never liked to begin with. His riffs are always great, though.
Anoop Desai-Dim All the Lights-Interesting take on the song, not the greatest performance, but enjoyable.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Result show from 4/14/09

Well, I knew it would be Matt that would be in the bottom 3 tonight. Had I been a judge, I wouldn't have saved him. Someone has to go. If it had been Adam, yes I would have saved him! Or Lil, maybe, it's really hard to save anyone at this point. They all are really good singers. I was surprised that Anoop was one of the bottom 3, because he really sang well last night. So we wait till next week and say goodbye to 2! Also, disco week next week! I have to sit through an hour of disco music???? Ahhh!
I'll be on the radio tomorrow morning on Bob Miller's morning mix 97.7 FM at 7:25 AM talking about this week's results (or non-results). Courtney Nardone will be on with me, an American Idol contestant from our own Dutchess county who made it through 9 rounds at this year's 2009 auditions. She has since become my vocal student. She will talk about her experience with the judges and sing a little for us.
Hey, I almost forgot to tell you, I have a new music video from my song "Next" up on youtube. Check it out!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Movie Song Week

Oh no, it's bad advice night! Quentin Tarrentino is the vocal coach????? Who told this guy he could coach singers? Everything he said I basically disagreed with. Sometimes I think the singers didn't listen to his advice. Good move on their part. Anyway, my favorites of the evening were: Adam, Danny, Anoop, and Allison, in that order. I think Matt might go this week. Who do you think will go? Who was your favorite tonight? I'd love to hear from you.

My take on the performances as they happened:

Allison Iraheta-Don't Want to Miss a Thing- Soulful singing, great riffing. She's a rocker. Great performance. Ouch, her voice sounds shot for good. Too much screaming. Sad at age 16.
Anoop Desai-I Do It For You-Nice job singing. Good performance. Impressive.
Adam Lambert-Born to Be Wild-Wow! Amazing!!!!!!! I'm speechless. He's so free and so is his voice. What a range, what energy, what fun!!!!!
Matt Giraud-Have You Really Ever Loved a Woman-Great piano playing, mostly good singing with some pitchy rough spots, it wasn't his best performance.
Danny Gokey-Endless Love-Good singing, I find this song quite sappy, but he put some edge into it. He's always soulful, he touches my heart. This song had to be a really hard song for him to sing considering he recently lost his wife. I think Quentin Tarrentino's advice to him was totally bogus. I guide my students to use their hands more to help express themselves. He told Danny to put his hands in his pockets.
Kris Allen-Falling Slowly-I liked how the song built up. That song touches me. He didn't do it originally, but he did it well. Nice singing.
Lil Rounds-The Rose-Oh oh, sounded like she was sharp the entire song. Not a good song choice for her. She's a great singer, but she hasn't chosen the right songs latley. I think she's losing her confidence. She'll have a great career, no doubt.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Result show 4-8-09

Yes! Finally, Scott goes home. Although he did a good job singing tonight, he definitely is the weakest singer left on the show, and it's time he made room for the rest. I was surprised Anoop was in the bottom 3, because he sang so well last night. Did America get it right? I think so. Who will go next week? Kris Allen?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Song From the Singers' Birth Years

Tonight had some great moments. My favorites of the evening were: Adam, Danny, Anoop, and Matt. Lil didn't really stand out tonight, although she's got some of the best pipes of all the singers. Scott was my least favorite. He's gotta go this week. I'll be surprised and annoyed if it is someone other than him that goes home. He's tried his best, but he just doesn't belong in this competition at this point. Everyone else is a better singer than he is. My heart is with him though. I wish him great success.

Danny Gokey-Stand By Me-Yeah, nice performance, riffing, soulful, unique. Love him.
Kris Allen-All She Wants to Do is Dance-The song didn't really work for him. Good singing though.
Lil Rounds-What's Love Got To Do With It-She didn't really make it her own. She took a classic song and left me comparing her to Tina. It didn't really work. I think she oversang.
Anoop Desai-True Colors-Nice singing, good rendition. Nice control of his voice. He's so likable.
Scott MacIntyre-The Search is Over-Not the greatest song choice for him. Impressive that he also plays guitar.
Allison Iraheta-I Can't Make You Love Me-The song topic seemed too old for her. She sang it well, but I didn't feel anything in my heart from her. But she sure has a lot of soulfulness to her.
Matt Giraud-Part Time Lover-Good singing, great riffing, great control. Fun to watch.
Adam Lambert-Mad World-Wow, just an amazing performance, riveting, great song choice, what control and command of the audience. Wow, wow, wow! In a class all by himself. Sign him, please!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

4/1/09 Results

Well, I'm glad Megan is going home. She was the weakest singer of the 9 left. She seemed quite angry at Simon (isn't everyone?) and happy to be leaving and getting home to her son. I am sure good things will happen for her now in her career; as a model, singer, who knows what else? Anyway, let the contest continue. Next week, songs from the year the finalists were born. That could be fun. I'll be on the radio tomorrow at 7:35 AM to talk more about the results: tune into
Morning Mix 97.7 FM live.
Did America get it right? Who's next to go?