Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Finale Results

Lee Dewyze won, as I predicted. Not a surprise, but a big disappointment. Crystal Bowersox is a better singer and performer, has more personality, more soul, but this is a popularity contest, and for some reason, Lee is more popular. So there you have it. I hope Crystal and Michael Lynch do well in their careers; those are the ones I look forward to hearing. C'est la vie.
Thanks to a fun season of AI, to the Poughkeepsie Journal, to Bob Miller at Morning Mix 97.7 FM, and farewell to Simon. And thanks to all my readers for your comments and insights.
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Finale

I hope that Crystal wins because her performances tonight far surpassed Lee's. He did his best, which was acceptable, but nothing more. She rocked the house! If Lee wins, it's all about the way he looks, not his talent. Well, vote for Crystal!

Lee Dewyze-The Boxer
I still didn't like that rendition very much, it left me cold.
Crystal Bowersox-Me and Bobby McGee
I loved that version, better than Janis herself! Passionate!
Lee Dewyze-Everybody Hurts
What a weird song choice. Started out off key. The choir was so over the top and didn't add to his performance at all, he drowned in it all. Yet the judges are pushing for him. Why????
Crystal Bowersox-Blcak Velvet
What passion! She did a great job! She gave it her all.
Lee Dewyze-Beautiful Day
Big arrangement, swallowed him up. Why so many musicians when he is on? Why did they choose that song for his hit?
Crystal Bowersox-Up To The Mountain
Great performance! So soulful and she built it up! Crystal is the winner in my book!

What do you think?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Results Show for the Week before the Finale

Casey is going home. I'm glad about that, because he is the least talented of the 3 last singers standing. I'll miss the eye candy, and his guitar playing, but it was time. And then there were 2. I hope Crystal wins, she is definitely the best of the 2.
Did America get it right? Yes!!!!
What do you think?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Countdown to Finals Week

A disillusioning night tonight. It feels like the judges have already chosen a winner and are leading the audience with their biased opinions. Crystal was the best performer tonight, yet they all seemed wowed by Lee. I don't get it. I miss Big Mike! Casey should be going home tomorrow, eye candy or not. Crystal should win. Here's my take on the performances.

Casey James-Alright With Me
Good song for him. It suited him but it was nothing spectacular.
Crystal Bowersox-Come to My Window
Great rendition! I loved it. Exciting performance: passionate, honest, alive! She sings with such ease.
Lee Dewyze-Simple Man
Good song choice for him. He did okay. I didn't really connect with him on that one. Why are the judges pushing for him? He's not the best one!
Casey James-Daughters
Nice song, but why did they choose it? It was a sleepy song with a sleepier arrangement. Mixed messages from the judges who chose it. I liked his solo.
Crystal Bowersox-Maybe I'm Amazed
Wow, what a great performance! Loved it! That was the best performance of the night!
Lee Dewyze-Hallelujah
That arrangement was so overdone and schmaltzy. I didn't think he did an especially exciting job, but the arrangement was just so big, all the strings, back-up choir, the orchestra, that it made it seem he was doing something exceptional. Simon was so smug about it. It left a bad taste in my mouth.
Who do you think should go home?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Results Show for Songs of the Cinema Week

Michael Lynche is going home tonight. I am so disappointed with the results, but not surprised. Adam Lambert was the best singer last year and he didn't win. David Archuletta was the best singer 2 years ago and he didn't win. Melinda Dolittle was the best singer before that and she didn't win. I was rooting for Big Mike because he was the best singer this year, and I naively forgot what this show is about. He could sing any style, with flawless vocal technique, charisma and depth, while staying true to himself. I guess this show is a popularity contest whose goal is to choose the cutest guy and is controlled by teenage girls. Dumb idea to have the public vote if you want talent, but the public is who will buy the recordings, so why not have them decide? Brilliant business plan. But not great for real artists. It's sad to watch this show as a performer, vocal coach and fan of Big Mike. People don't appreciate super talent, and I've known that all along. Mike and Crystal were the 2 best vocalists and performers. If he had come in second, I would have been okay with that. I think I've invested too much of myself watching AI; I feel personally involved. I guess that's the nature of reality TV. It's bad enough that I started getting used to Simon's cruel abuse of these poor artists getting up in front of the whole country and bearing their souls only to have him insult and make fun of them. But to see Mike voted off before Casey or Lee, well, I just don't know if I can continue watching the show for the next 2 weeks knowing that Casey or Lee might win.
On the bright side, Michael Lynche has had a lot of exposure due to this show; so I hope he is presented with great opportunities and a bright, successful future.
Well, not much more to say. I'll go lick my wounds now.
Did America get it right?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jamie Foxx as Mentor-Movie Songs

So Jamie Foxx was the mentor tonight. He coached the contestants well. As a talented musician and performer himself, he knows what he's talking about.
The song choices were a little strange this evening, kind of mellow songs for the most part. My favorite performances were the two duets and Big Mike's solo. Crystal was great too. Casey was pretty blase, although he tried his best. And Lee was a bit boring for me. Who deserves to leave? Casey. Mike is still my favorite; that voice: silky and smooth.

Lee Dewyze-Kiss from a Rose
Oh,oh. Lee is having vocal problems. He's been pushing his voice and is losing control now from the strain. His rendition sounded exactly like the original Seal song, except he seemed unsure on the bridge and had a hard time staying on key.
Michael Jackson-Will You Be There
Great performance. He moved me with his passion and his beautiful voice. I agree with Simon; he put 100% into it. I don't get it. Were the other judges listening to someone else?
Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox duet-Falling Slowly
Passionate singing. Nice job! I enjoyed that very much. Much better than the original.
Casey James-Mrs. Robinson
Weird song choice. Didn't do much for me. Still a lot of tension in his voice. Not much depth to his presentation.
Crystal Bowersox-I'm Alright
That was a cool version of the song. Fun. Good performance!
Michael Lynche and Casey James duet-Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman
Beautiful guitar playing, their voices blended well. Nice rendition. The power of 2 is always better than 1.
Who do you think should go home?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Results Show for Sinatra Week with Harry Connick Jr.

Yeah! I am so happy with the results tonight!
My favorite, Big Mike is safe for another week. Aaron is going home. I think this was a good choice. He's a good singer, and I'll bet he will be very successful in the country genre. He's got a good career ahead of him, no doubt.
Casey stays another week. I predicted he would go, but I'm always happy to look at him for a little longer, handsome guy that he is, (even though he is the weakest singer at this point.)
Next week, Jamie Foxx is mentoring. that should be interesting. He's a talented guy.
Did America get it right? I think so.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Frank Sinatra Night-Harry Connick Jr. Mentors

Tonight's songs were a challenge for the contestants, except for Big Mike, who seems to have experience performing all styles of music. Harry Connick Jr. was an effective mentor; he gave sound advice helping the performers connect more to the lyrics; his humor made him less intimidating to the singers so they could relax and take in his ideas. Funny guy, he charmed me.

Who do I think will get the least votes tonight? Casey James. Boo hoo, he looked good tonight. Best performance, who else? Big Mike. Lee and Crystal were strong too.

Aaron Kelly-Fly Me to the Moon
He sang that well! He was a little stiff and timid, not believable, but his voice sounded great.
Casey James-Blue Skies
He was out of his element, and looked uncomfortable. He sure got a bad review from the judges! Poor guy! Looks great in a suit, cleans up well!
Crystal Bowersox-Summer Wind
She's also out of her element, but she did a good job with it. I detected some nerves, but who wouldn't be nervous singing with Harry Connick Jr. for the first time on TV? I didn't like the arrangement, it covered up her vocals at times. Shame on you Harry!
Michael Lynche-The Way You Look Tonight
Great job! He knows how to sing any style. Very comfortable in his skin, and charming. Such a joy to watch and listen to.
Lee Dewyze-That's Life
He did a good job! He was totally into it, confident and committed. His best performance yet. The arrangement was a bit busy, overpowering the vocals again.

Listen to me talk more about tonight's show tomorrow morning on Morning Mix 97.7 FM with Bob Miller at 7:30 AM.

Who do you think will get sent home?