Thursday, February 26, 2009

Results from the Second Group of 12

I liked the group song tonight, pretty hip! Entertaining. Brooke White from last year's show debuted her new song. It wasn't that thrilling. Good luck to you, Brooke.

So the winners from tonight were: Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Kris Allen. Great choices! I think America got it right! All top notch singers. I'm sorry to see Norman Gentle go home. He really made me laugh. Well maybe he'll be back through the wild card choices by the judges, (over Simon's dead body). Adam is definitely the most amazing singer on the show. Allison was solid last night, but I hear a lot of hoarseness in her voice, she pushes her voice too hard for someone of her young age. She is a seasoned pro, but she is still so young, I hope she doesn't do permanent damage to it. Kris Allen did a fine job last night too; I look forward to hearing more from him.
They showed us a quick rundown of next week's singers. There is some great talent there too. I'm betting on: Nathaniel Marshall and Lil Rounds, and the judges will bring back 3 singers from all three weeks that didn't get chosen by votes. I'm pushing for Anoop.

This was fun. I'm looking forward to next week.

Do you think America got it right tonight?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Second Round of Twelve

Tonight was disappointing. There were a lot of good singers, but hardly any of them really sparkled. My 3 favorite performances tonight were: Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle. Megan Joy Corkrey will definately have a career whether she continues in the contest as will Jasmine Murray. They are just super commercial personalities. Two of the three favorites of mine are professionals already. Allison won a record contract at 14 and Adam's been on Broadway for a year. Well they are a pleasure for this singer to watch, so who cares what their past is. I wonder who will stay.

My take:
Jasmine Murray-Love Song-pitchy at the beginning, too low for her, loss of vocal control, not the right song for her.
Matt Giraud-Evil Libido- Strange vibrato, not so much control, pitchy, not a good song for him.
Jeanine Vailes-This Time-sharp the first half of the time, not great.
Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle-loved him,vocals weren't all there, but fun! Funny!
Allison Iraheta-Alone-Good performance, that was the right song for her, good job!
Kris Allen- Man in the Mirror-Good performance, solid, nice singing,
Megan Joy Corkrey-Put Your Records On-Quirky, nice voice, she pushed her voice a bit much towards the end.
Matt Breitzke-Tonic (welder) Wrong song, not enough energy, boring, nice voice, but eh.
Jesse Langseth-Betty Davis Eyes-Soulful, good performance, good song choice for her,
Kai Kalama-What Becomes of the Broken Hearted-It was kind of nothing special, nice voice, pleasant, nothing stood out.
Mishavonna Henson-Drops of Jupiter-limited range song, she's a better singer than the song, good singer, bad song choice, didn't get her energy out.
Adam Lambert-Satisfaction-Wow!!!!!!! Amazing voice, great performance, good song choice. My favorite of the evening.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First Twelve Result Night

Well, the 3 they chose tonight out of last night's 12 are: Alexis, Michael, and Danny. Yeah, Danny!!!! That's a no brainer. But Ricky was a really good singer. Sorry to see him go. How did Michael get chosen over Anoop? Anoop was one of my favorites. I'm disappointed. I think even Michael was surprised he got chosen. He is a likable guy, but not outstanding. I was listening to Alexis' voice tonight. She'd better stop singing Aretha songs or she'll be out of the contest soon. Her voice isn't cut out for that kind of belting, and I could hear the strain in her voice tonight. I thought she was doing an Aretha impression last night, not singing her own style. She's going to need some serious voice coaching right away, or she could rupture a vocal cord. Ta Ta Tatianna! Enough drama from her, lets's get on to the real singing.
They gave us a preview of next week's 12 and there are so many great singers in there. I don't know how they will choose only 3. Adam has to be one! I am looking forward to it.
So did America get it right tonight?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Twelve Contestants

Tonight was a surprise- a 2 hour long show. Unfortunately, I had to wait 2 whole hours to see my favorite singer. They definately saved the best for last, though; Danny Gokey really delivered. There were a lot of disappointments, mostly in song choices.
Best performances tonight:
Jackie Tohn
Ricky Braddy
Alexis Grace
Danny Gokey

Here's my take on the performances:
Jackie Tohn-fun performer! Confident, and good rock singer, very stylized. But can she sing more than one style?
Ricky Braddy-Song For You, wow, great singer. All riffs, a bit over the top for me, but great talent. Such vocal control!
Alexis Grace-Never Loved A Man. I thought she sang it exactly like Aretha, copying every line, but she has a strong voice, and is very appealing.
Brent Keith-Hick Town, He's a good singer. Didn't blow me away.
Stevie Wright-she sang off key, it wasn't a very good performance, but she's only 16, so good try for her.
Anoop Desai-Angel of Mine -Sounded sharp the whole time. He's such a likable guy though! Hope he gets another chance.
Casey Carlson-Everything He Does is Magic-awkward, pitchy, she seemed quite self-conscious. (Shawn Colvin did cover that song and I loved it. It can be done!)
Michael Sarver-I Don't Wanna Be-It didn't really do anything for me. Kind of pitchy.
Anne Marie Boskovich-Natural Woman-pitchy start-Nice voice, but there wasn't enough soulfulness from her.
Stephen Fowler-Rock with You-Bad song for him. It didn't work. Strange style of singing, he's much more soulful than that. Disappointing.
Tatiana Del Toro-Saving All My Love For You-Interesting, pitchy, good moments/bad moments.
Danny Gokey-Hero, Best of the night! So emotionally connected.

What did you think of tonight's performances?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hollywood Week-the Last Night-the Top 36

Yes, finally a fun show! We got to hear and know the singers a bit more. I am really impressed with the high caliber of talent this year. After seeing the 36 chosen, still my favorites are: Adam, Danny, Lil Rounds, Anoop, Von, Jasmine, Norman/Nick and more that I haven't really heard enough from.
I agreed with the choices of the top 36 except for Jamar. They shouldn't have let him go. He's way too good. Tatiana, still seems to be teetering on a nervous breakdown, but maybe that's her shtick. Speaking of shtick, Norman Gentle made it into the top 36. Love that guy!

The Mean Report:

The meaness tonight was when the exhausted performers were sent into the "judgement room" and then made to believe they didn't make it when they had. Again, why do they prolong the stress for these poor people, fooling them into thinking they didn't make it when they did? It's cruel, and I hate cruel. I think I'd stand up and yell at them if I were a contestant. But, hey, that's me. The sing offs were cruel also, pitting 2 people against each other. Who thinks of these situations, Simon? The Devil? (One in the same.)
I sincerely am looking forward to next week to hear some good singing! That's what it's about for me. I could totally do without Simon.


Anoop Desai-in (good)
Von Smith-in (good)
Cody Sheldon-sing off-out
Alex Wagner-sing off-wins (good)
Adam Lambert-in (great!) Why is he in this? He shuld be a star already!
Taylor Vaifanua-17 years old-in
Jasmine Murray-in (good)
Arianna Afasr-in
Casey Carlson-in
Megan Corkrey-in
Stevie Wright-in (good)
Joanna Pacitti-in (been signed)
Kendall Beard-in
Kristin Macnamara-sing off-in
Jen Korbee-sing off-out
Alexis Grace (married)-in
Scott MacIntire-(blind)-in
Lil Rounds-(mother of 3)-in
Frankie Jordan-sing off-out
Jessie Langseth-sing off-in
Allison Iraheta-(16 yrs old)-in
Jamar-out, I think he is great! Mistake!
Danny Gokey-in (GREAT!)
Rickey Braddy-in
Matt Giraud-in (good)
Juno Joyner-in
Brent Keith-in
Steven Fowler-in (even though he forgot his words)
Nick Mitchel-Norman Gentle-in! Whoo!
Tatiana Del Toro-in
Jacke Tohn-in
Jackie Midkiff-sing off-out
Nathaniel Marshall-sing off-in
Ann Marie Boskovich-in
Matt Breitzke-sing off-in
Michael Sarver -(oil rigger) sing off-in

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hollywood Week Day 4

The focus was more on the singing than on the dramas tonight. I couldn't take another week of group dramas like last week.
There really is some great talent this year. As a singer and performer myself, I am most impressed with: Adam, Danny, and Lil Rounds; incredible voices and stage presence. I also have been enjoying: Anoop, Stevie Wright, Mishavonna, Leneshe Young and of course, Norman Gentle.
I felt really angry that they made the singers wait for hours in 4 holding rooms while the judges made their decisions. Couldn't they let the poor, exhausted performers go back to their rooms and rest till they decide? The whole show just seems to be about making these people as stressed out as possible. Does some poll say people will watch TV more if the people are stressed out? Do they think it's suspenseful? I don't enjoy watching it. Maybe because I've been in similar situations as a performer. I just want to see them singing and happy and doing their best. And let them sleep for goodness sake! It's hard to sing without sleep; you get dehydrated and then hoarse. Your body is your instrument. It's crazy.
Anyway, when the judges went from room to room to tell the singers if they were going to continue or not on the show, I thought it horribly cruel how they pretended they were going to send them home. Why? Just go in and tell them if they made it or not. I don't remember TV being this cruel when I was a kid. Has humanity changed that much? I thought they were going to have to take Tatianna out in a straight-jacket. Poor thing; she was losing her mind in all the suspense. And that poor homeless girl, she didn't make it. I thought she was good. Let her stay. She deserves it.
So who are your favorites? Any of the list below?

Stevie Wright
Lil Rounds
Alexis Grace
Norman Gentle
Leneshe Young

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hollywood-Group Day

What a wild show! I must confess, I've never even heard of Group Day before tonight. You see, I'd always thought that Simon was so mean that I refused to watch the show until 2 years ago, when a new student, who I mentioned last week in my blog, came to me to learn how to sing so that she could audition for American Idol. Every week she would come in and ask me if I'd seen this singer or that and what did I think of them. So after awhile I thought I should start being more involved in these discussions with my students. That's really what got me started watching. Then the Poughkeepsie Journal asked me to blog last year from the perspective of a performer and vocal coach. So now I am for a second year in a row committed to watching the whole season. But I only started watching when the 12 finalists were chosen last year. I didn't know all this stuff went on before! I am totally worn out by it all.
Tonight was so crazy! It was like I was thrown backstage into the middle of a high school play. That seemed like the level of professionalism and maturity in many of the groups. I guess that's what they are trying to create for high ratings. DRAMA! Spare me, there's enough drama in the world already!
What I did enjoy was watching the great singing. There really are some amazing singers on this show and I am looking forward to hearing them for more than 15 seconds at a time. Every time I see Danny Gokey my jaw drops; he can really sing! And so can Adam Lambert & Anoop Desai; I mean, wow, these guys have got to make it to the finals. they are really good. I am looking forward to hearing more from them. I guess David Osmond got cut tonight, that's surprising,; but he doesn't need this show to make him; he's got a few connections in show biz.
Did Von Smith make it? I didn't see him tonight.
Ah yes, Norman Gentle made it through again. Love that guy! Funnnnnnnny!
I like Jasmine, she's really got something special too.
Well, I have to admit, I am looking forward to next week for more Hollywood adventures.
Who are you rooting for so far? Who do you think will be a finalist?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hollywood night round one

I have to confess, I have never watched AI from the beginning like this.
147 contestants in Hollywood Round One -that's a lot to listen to in 2 days!
My thoughts on whom they showed us tonight:
Lil Rounds from Kansas: I thought she was pushing her voice really hard, pitchy, nervous, she got through though. She was one of my favorites 2 weeks ago.
Dennis Brigam from Kansas-he did look a bit manic, and that freaked the judges out. He was pretty angry about it all. Sent him home.
Nathaniel Marshall-beautiful voice
Anoop Desai-Wow! Amazing! And he looked much better, not geeky anymore, really cute. Finalist-I'm sure.
Jasmine Murray-she's got the whole package, really nice voice and very young, I think. Finalist!!
Rose Flack-not enough energy for me, very stylized-but she got by.
Von Smith-it's all at one level; maximum volume, didn't get a good review, but he got through, maybe he'll work on that. Use some dynamics, man!
Stephen Fowler-nice voice wow!
Jorge Nunez-very nice singing
Norman Gentle/Nick Mitchel-so funny!!!!! I love him!! Defiant and he can sing.
Jackie Tohn-she's a free spirit, pushes her voice, it can't last at that intensity.
Jamar Rogers-unique with style
Danny Gokey-YES! Wow!!!!!! Finalist!!!!
Bikini girl-Katrina -wow, she sure is confident (arrogant?), she's got a nice voice, but I don't like her.
Jeremy-nice singing
Jesus Valenzuela-pitchy, he didn't make it.
Emily-good voice
Adam Lambert-strong voice

104 contestants left after round one. I'm worn out and they only showed us about 20.
Wow that's a lot to have to listen to again tomorrow.
Group round tomorrow night. Who do you think is gonna make it to the top 12?

Debra Byrd-vocal coach on song choices