Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Top 11 3/30/11 Elton John week

I remember the moment I first heard Elton John at age 12; it was then that I knew that I would be a singer/songwriter. By the time I was 14 I had all of his records and knew the chords, lyrics, and vocal inflections to every song he sang. So it was exciting for me to watch tonight's show and see what Elton songs the performers would choose to sing. It was a mediocre night of performances for me. My favorites tonight were James and Casey. Worst performance of the night......Paul. Will America get it right?

Scotty McReery-Country Comfort
Another country song from Scotty? What else can he do? Nothing, but he's so good at what he does. He's the country star of the show. Nice job, Scotty.

Naima Adedapo-I'm Still Standing
I liked her Reggae take on this song, very original. She is so true to herself on this show. Fun.

Paul MacDonald-Rocket Man
Why is this man still on???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Weird. A little pitchy tonight. Bad advice from the judges, push? Push his already injured voice? Not.

Pia Toscano-Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me
Man, this woman can sing!!!!! Diva, diva.

Stefano Lsngone-Tiny Dancer
I just love his voice. He gave a much better performance tonight: more present, more emotional. Whoever decides how to edit the song for the time restraints, butchered that song. Why can't these poor people sing the whole song, and maybe we could have less commercials instead?????

Lauren Alaina-Candle in the Wind
She did a great job making this song her own. Another person who speaks with a raspy voice which is a sign of vocal strain. Watch out Lauren, don't blow out your voice, you're too young.

James Durbin-Saturday Night's Alright
Wow, he's such a great performer! Great song choice for him. He held that note too long at the end, like Steven Tyler said, which is dangerous. He could blow out his voice. Be careful James. Take Steven's advice, or you could rupture a vocal cord.

Thia Megia-Daniel
She's got such a beautiful voice, more emotionally present tonight.

Casey Abrams-Your Song
Tasteful, loved it! It was great to hear the tender side of Casey, trimmed beard and all.

Jacob Lusk-Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word
Powerful, emotional, he's puts every ounce of himself into it as always. A little over the top tonight for me.

Hayley Reinhart-Bennie and the Jets
Her best performance so far. But as a vocal coach, ouch, I don't think she'll be able to utter one sound tomorrow, she really pushed her voice too far tonight. Be careful Haley.

Who do you think should go home tomorrow?

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cdecotis said...

My favorites last evening were James and Stefano...Paul was at the bottom of my list. In all fairness, he should be voted off...but, it's very hard for me to choose a second for tonight.

As for the results, I'll bet Paul stays (and for a while too) and Naima and Thia will go. The voters have been tough on those two, while completely loving Paul. My husband said all the women at his workplace have been gushing about Paul, which confuses me.