Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Results show for Top 12 week

So, Lacey Brown is going home. For me, it was a good choice. It was either Lacey, or Tim Urban. She is quirky, but not totally stable as a vocalist; kind of shaky with her pitch. She does have a Melanie-like, commercial quality to her voice, so I'm sure she will be signed to some record label soon. Good luck to her.

Glad Big Mike, Crystal Bowersox and Siobahn Magnus are still in. They are my favorites right now. Maybe Andrew Garcia will get his mojo back.

Did America get it right? I think so. What about you?

Tune in on the Morning Mix 97.7 tomorrow morning with Bob Miller where I'll be talking about tonight's show.
And I'll be performing at the Muddy Cup tomorrow night in New Paltz, NY at 8:00 PM as part of the Naked Songwriters Series.

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