Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Top16-the Men

Okay, I have my favorite for the season. It's Big Mike! I thought it from the first moment I heard him sing. He makes everyone else look so ordinary in the competition. But my favorites don't usually win. Maybe it will be different this year. Todrick Hall also really blew me away tonight. I will be on 97.7 FM morning mix tomorrow morning at 7:35 with Bob Miller to talk more about Idol. Tune in!
And here is my take on the performances this evening:

Lee Dewyze-Firefly

Upbeat, good song to start the night out. Pitch problems as usual. Why do the judges like this guy so much?

Alex Lambert-Trouble

Such an unusual voice, good song choice for him. I actually liked his performance tonight.He's improving.

Tim Urban-Hallelujah

He was better than before, and although tonight he did do better, I don’t think he is up to par with the rest of the performers. But he is really cute, (looks like he should be on the Partridge Family) and I think very appealing to the demographic that votes on the show.

Andrew Garcia-Genie in a Bottle

I like this guy so much, yet he sounded a little shaky again tonight. I like his attitude, his talent, yet they keep tearing him down and reminding him about how well he did when he sang the Paula Abdul song. Give the guy a break! No wonder he feels shaky.

Casey James-This Letter

He’s handsome, relaxed, sincere, sounds good. I thought it was a good song choice for him. Just like looking at him, what can I say?

Aaron Kelly-I’m Already There

Needs work on his lower range, kind of shaky, but his upper range was good. This song seemed too old and too big for his voice. He does take chances and he is really brave for 16!

Todrick Hall-Somebody to Love

Wow! Cool version! Great singing, great song choice. Loved it. Love him.

Michael Lynche-This Woman’s Work

He’s my favorite! He’s the guy! What a voice, what passion. He’s got it all! The contest is over for me. Just give him the prize.

What do you think?

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