Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top 12-Songs of the Rolling Stones

I was pleasantly surprised by tonight's show. After last week's eliminations, I didn't think there would be much going on tonight. But there were a couple of outstanding performances, with Big Mike and Siobahn Magnus. This season might end up being more entertaining than I thought. If I had to guess who is going home, it might be Andrew Garcia, but it should really be Katie Stevens or Tim Urban. Here is my take on the singers:

Michael Lynche-Miss You
I liked his version of the song; it was original, arranged just right to fit his musical style, and he had great energy and vocals. It was a powerful start for the evening, but I fear everything will be a let down after that performance.
Didi Benami-Playing with Fire
I liked her rendition of the song. It was unique and interesting. She was a little shaky with the lyrics, but she got through it fine.
Casey James-It's All Over Now
I thought it was a strong, solid performance, and he can really play blues guitar well. He's still a little reserved, but I enjoyed this song. He made it his own. And his looks don't hurt either.
Lacey Brown-Ruby Tuesday
That was an interesting version. Her voice is very unique, but sometimes a little shaky. She needs a little more confidence and should remember not to push her voice, because that's when it gets shaky.
Andrew Garcia-Gimme Shelter
His pitch was flat for much of the song. I wasn't that crazy about this performance. I like when he plays guitar and is more jazzy. He's a talented guy. Hope he sticks around.
Katie Stevens-Wild Horses
I liked this song for her. She does sing sharp a lot, which makes me cringe, but her voice quality is rich and beautiful, especially for a 16 year old.
Tim Urban-Under My Thumb
I thought it was a creative version of the song, but I didn't think Reggae was a strong style for Tim.
Siobahn Magnus-Painted Black
Wow! Outrageous and so original! That was a very unique and riveting performance. She is such a compelling performer and quite a strong singer!
Lee Dewyze-Beast of Burden
That was a very contemporary version of the song. Interesting, but low energy. He still seems like he holds back a bit.
Paige Miles-Honky Tonk
I liked the Gospel feel for her. She did a good job. And she had laryngitis? Jeez!
Aaron Kelly-Angie
He's a true country singer. It was a good song choice for him. Nice voice, nice performance. Is he really 16? He's definitely an old soul.
Crystal Bowersox-You Can't Always Get What You Want
She makes it look so easy, she's such a natural. Janice Joplin definitely is being channeled through her. She's got a lot of soul. She needs to watch out though, because she looks so relaxed that, at times she looks like she isn't even trying. But I know she is.

Who was your favorite performer tonight and who do you think should get sent home?

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