Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top 16-Women

In the past few seasons of American Idol, there were always 1 or 2 performers a year that were outstanding; Melissa Doolittle, Adam Lambert, David Archuletta, Danny Gokey. Even though they didn't win, they made watching the show a pleasure. But this year, I have to say, none of the women stand out like that for me. But out of the women's performances tonight, I liked Crystal Bowersox's best. She was the most passionate and confident. Simon kept saying this was the most important week of all, so maybe that spooked the women. They sure are under a lot of pressure! I hope the ladies get more solid as the weeks go on. Meantime, here is my take on tonight's performances.

Katie Stevens-Break Away
She seemed a little shaky, pitchy, but she really has a nice voice for such a young age. The song didn't go anywhere for me.
Siobhan Magnus-House of the Rising Sun
Interesting rendition, she always surprises us. I liked it, but it didn't blow me away. Nice voice.
Lacey Brown-I Was Made For You
Quirky, interesting voice. And she's got such beautiful eyes. The song suited her. Good performance.
Katelyn Epperly-I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet
Nice voice, but it didn't feel that special of a performance.
Didi Benami-Rhianon
I liked the way she did this song. Her voice is very unique. Nice guitar playing.
Paige Myles-Smile
Her voice and pitch were shaky tonight. I really like her, so I was disappointed by her performance.
Crystal Bowersox-Give Me One Reason
Refreshing, best performance tonight, although her rendition was not that much different from the original done by Tracy Chapman, but she sure put a lot of energy and soul into it.
Lilly Scott-I Fall to Pieces
Weird, she sounded a bit shaky, I didn't really like the performance very much, and she was one of my favorites in the competition.

Who was your favorite tonight?

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