Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Season 9; Top 20-The Women

My 4 favorite women in this year's competition who have a good mix of talent and personality are:
Paige Miles, Crystal Bowersox, Katelyn Epperly and Lilly Scott.
The judges are always contradicting themselves: pick a song and make it your own; you changed the melody too much, just sing the song the way it was written; What are they saying??????
I don't know what I would do if I were up there, guess I'd take it with a grain of salt and be myself.
My take on tonight's performers:

Crystal Bowersox-As Long as I See the Light
She's got a lot of soul, strong singer, nice song choice. She's really good. And she was in the hospital yesterday, pretty impressive!
Haeley Vaughn-the Climb
She's got a good voice, she's charming, and cute but she has some vocal control issues. I didn't feel her connecting with the song. She's only 16, how hard can we be on her?
Lacey Brown-Kiss Me
She has an unusual sweet voice and up personality and would be a good pop star, but she doesn't blow me away. This was a good song to showcase her personality and an original song like this would be really good for her as an artist.
Katie Stevens-Put Your Records On
Beautiful voice, and only 17, wow! She's got such a rich, husky voice. I like the song she sang. She's good!
Didi Benami-Lean On Me
Good voice, not a great song choice for her. She has a unique style but tonight she showed a different style, which probably confused us about who she really is.
Michelle Delamor-Arms Wide Open
Good voice, but the song didn't go anywhere for me.
Lilly Scott-A Change is Going to Come
Good song choice, she pushed her voice a little too much, so she got a little pitchy sometimes, but I liked her style on the song. She's very original and she knows who she is. One of my favorites in the competition.
Katelyn Epperly-The Scientist
That was a great performance. Beautiful voice. Good song choice. I enjoyed her performance very much.
Paige Miles-Walk Away
Great voice, wow, I liked her performance a lot, loved the song for her. Another favorite contestant of mine in the competition.
Siobhan Magnus-Think
Bad choice of song, but she sure hit that one note as well as Aretha! What a surprise.

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