Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top Billboard 100

Tonight Miley Cyrus was the Mentor. I don't know if I would want a 17 year old giving me advice even if she had been performing since she was 2. (Which I think she has been). But, she wasn't bogus with her comments, sometimes they were helpful points.
I wasn't blown away tonight by the show, it was a sleeper. But as usual, my favorites were Big Mike and Crystal Bowersox. Other performers that I thought ranked better than average were Aaron, Siobahn and Casey. Who do I think will be voted off the show? Paige Miles or Andrew Garcia. I don't think Tim Urban will ever get sent home, he's too cute for the young girls to let go of, so I won't even mention him.

Lee Dewyze-The Letter
He definitely was doing the Joe Cocker version, but cleaner. This was the best performance of his so far, but it sounded dated. He doesn't thrill me.
Paige Miles-Against All Odds
She had a shaky start, it had some good moments, but there was a lot of pitch problems. It sounds like her laryngitis hasn't totally disappeared, or maybe she has some chronic vocal hoarseness; Paige better see a doctor soon.
Tim Urban-Crazy Little Thing Called Love
It didn't do anything for me. But he was more energetic than he was other weeks. He sang the song very straight, nothing different. But he definitely should be in High School Musical 5.
Aaron Kelly-I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Tonsillitis-laryngitis, what a way to have to sing! I couldn't tell he was sick except for the one high note in the bridge. He does have a strong country style. Good song for him. Nice performance.
Crystal Bowersox-Me and Bobby McGee
Great Janis Joplin rendition without ripping up her voice. She is just a natural. I enjoy watching her. She's kind of Zen.
Michael Lynche-When a Man Loves a Woman
I love his voice, his personality; he could sing the phone book and I'd be happy. He has style, charisma and a flawless voice. It's like eating chocolate moose, smooth, rich and delicious.
Andrew Garcia-Heard it Through the Grapevine
It was nothing different or special. Poor guy, he's talented, but hasn't figured out what to sing to make him stand out. I feel for him.
Katie Stevens-Big Girls Don't Cry
That was more contemporary and less pitchy than the last few performances. This was a good song choice for her. It showed a different side of her, and it was more enjoyable.She really needs some help with her pitch. Send her to me, I could help her.
Casey James-Power of Love
It was the same version basically as Huey Lewis did, but he did it well. I love to watch Casey, so pleasing to the eyes but he didn't do anything very special. I wished he would have taken a guitar solo and ripped it up, or moved around the floor more and just let loose. He's just a low key guy.
Didi Benami-You're No Good
Pitchy from start to finish, she seemed like she was unsure of who she was in this performance.
Siobahn Magnus-Superstitious
If she keeps screaming like that, I think she is going to rupture her vocal cords. That's not what her voice was meant to do, and although it's cool that she can scream like that, if that becomes her trademark (like Adam Lambert's) she might wreck her voice for good. Siobhan is a very free and creative performer. Tonight's song wasn't my favorite, but it was fun.

Who do you think will get sent home? Did you like tonight's show?
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