Friday, May 13, 2011

Blog Blip

Wow! I don't know where my blog went. Blogspot was having difficulties and seems to have wiped it away. So I'll summarize:
My favorite performance of the night was James and now he's been voted off the show. That's very disappointing. He's got to become successful with that voice and his performing skills. He really has star power, and I don't think that the other 3 are up to that level. But we'll go with who we have left now, which would be Scotty, Haley and Lauren. I think Haley is the weakest of the three. Scotty is a consummate country singer and will be well on his way to country success when this show is over. Since old school country is not my favorite of styles, I wouldn't be voting for him, but he sings it really well. Lauren sings well too but she and Haley are both straining their voices as you can hear in their hoarse speaking voices. Did America get it right this week? I don't think so.


cdecotis said...

Vickie...I knew James had been your pick for Wednesday night. So when I checked in Friday morning, only to find your week's entry gone, I figured America's decision to give James the boot left you waving the white flag! Glad it was only a Blogger glitch.

I know I'm disappointed, but I'm not entirely surprised. James' style is not so popular, it Jacob with his Luther Vandross-iness...sadly, artist must fit the mold, I guess.

Besides, Scotty and Lauren were very savvy with their song selections...seems like most viewers are really emotional lately with the whole bin Laden thing and the storm devastation in the South--those two tugged at the heartstrings of the voters.

I still think Haley should have gone...her voice is shot...can't imagine what it's going to be like in the two weeks to come (Don't they sing at least three songs in the finale?)

I still am thinking Scotty is going to take home the coveted mirror ball...oops, wrong show! :)

Vickie said...

Yes, I would like to wave the white flag, but I am a trooper, I will stick to it to the end, but yes, I feel defeated. Scotty might very well win.