Thursday, May 19, 2011

Results Show 5/19/11

So Haley's going home, as I thought she'd be. The finals are next week. I still think Scotty's going to win. What else can I say? It's all so disappointing since James is gone. Did America get it right?


cdecotis said...

I'm okay with Haley going home because unlike Scotty and Lauren, she was not consistent week to week, or even within one show. Something about her attitude rubbed me the wrong way at times...while, it's essential to have confidence, I always felt a bit of self entitlement...maybe from her reactions to the judges' more critical comments (and they were nice...imagine Haley up against Simon).

I saw that James on the Ellen D. show yesterday...he seems quite content to be number can see his thoughts on that in this clip:

I also read a quote from Ellen D. that she was surprised to hear (not from their aired interview) James was also a fan of country music and even won a country music contest once...then, she went on to joke that Scotty's going to start a KISS cover band! ha!

One more week to go...I'm sure I won't be loving the song choices (unless Lauren does some more Martina McBride...saw her in the early 2000's on CMT's Crossroads with Pat Benetar. MM is not a sleepy country artist, for sure: ).

On to the finale!

Vickie said...

Thanks for those 2 links. I think James is really a great talent and an inspiration; Martina McBride is definitely a spitfire! We'll see what songs they choose for the finale. Thanks for your comments this season, it's been fun sharing opinions.