Thursday, May 5, 2011

Results Show 5/5/11

I called it last night- but I'm not happy to see him go. We love you Jacob Lusk. You are an incredible singer and you should have won this contest. But America thinks otherwise. Hope to hear your recordings soon! Onward to the last 4 contestants. James should win it, but if Jacob left tonight, there's no accounting for taste. We'll see.
Did America get it right? No!


cdecotis said...

Just as I thought...though, I am not happy about Jacob leaving the show.

I don't like the fact that AI tried to make Jacob hip and cool, singing contemporary songs that just don't fit him, or old stuff he never heard of or could care less about. If he were left to make his own song choices, Jacob would have nailed his performances each week.

I kind of see that happening to James. I didn't like his song choices this week...and could not stand The Muse song he did a while back.

Lauren was so upset by Jimmy's low rating of her performance on Wednesday night she was brought to tears in the result show. I think she's under a lot of pressure.

Haley...I just don't see her winning the whole thing.

Scotty...I really think he could win the top spot. Country is so popular, even if I don't really get it...haha! I think if it comes down to Scotty and James, Scotty might appeal to a larger audience and win more votes.

Vickie said...

You might be right about Scotty winning.