Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Songs from Then and Now -Sheryl Crow Mentor-5/4/11

Once again, this was an entertaining night. High quality performances, more than any other season. I think having top producers coach week after week really helps everyone grow. The absence of Simon's nasty remarks and this year's judges' encouragement probably gives them more confidence.
I thought everyone had at least one outstanding performance tonight. It was interesting to see Sheryl Crow mentoring, although I don't know if she really gave any helpful advice. She is one of my favorite songwriters.
Speaking of songwriters, I am performing an evening of my original songs in an intimate setting next week, Sat. May 14th at 8:00 PM at the Cliffside Concert Series @ Simply Create , 238 Main St., New Paltz, NY. If you are in the area, please come out and support live music. But I digress......

Back to tonight's show:
I thought the judges overlooked some pitch problems in various performances. I felt disappointed in some of their advice: like when they told Haley to sing familiar songs. Most artists record songs that have never been heard. And another thing! I wish the music business didn't have to pigeon-hole musicians to have to perform in just one style, and allow them to be more creative, playing it less safe. Don't get me started....

I don't know who should go home. Everyone is just so talented. If I had to predict, I'd say it would be Jacob who will be voted off; not because of a lack of talent, but because he hasn't figured out exactly what to sing to reflect his true persona. If I had my choice of who should go, it would be Scotty. We all know he can sing country really well, and he is the least exciting of the ones who are left. James and Jacob are still my favorite vocalists. Haley surprised me tonight with 2 strong performances. Who do you think should be voted off?

James Durbin

Closer to the Edge
James was flat a lot tonight on this song. The judges didn't seem to notice. Maybe he couldn't hear himself, and maybe they couldn't hear him either. If you ask me, he paid too much attention to schmoozing the crowd, and not enough on singing.
Livin' Without You
Heartfelt, honestly sung. Very touching.

Jacob Lusk
No End
A little too pop for him. What an amazing range this man has. He sings higher than I can, and I'm a soprano. But it didn't feel right on him.
Love Hurts
He sang the ^*#! out of that. Incredible, what a singer! Unbelievable. A little out of control, but always amazing!

Lauren Alaina
Flat on the Floor
She did a good job singing that song. Tonight she seemed like she believed in herself. But I don't think that song was really age appropriate for her, too life weary for such a young woman.
Unchained Melody
Why are they editing all the songs tonight? What a song butchery! It's offensive to me as a songwriter. Wasn't the greatest performance, but it was okay.

Scotty McReery

Impressive for country Scotty. He really got the crowd going. that was the most lively I've ever seen him. But he was pushing his voice, and I hope that he doesn't do that often, or he could hurt that mellow voice forever.
You Were Always on My Mind
He did it straight country, nothing different, predictable, a little boring to me, but he did it well.

Haley Reinhart
You and I
Haley sang this well, soulful, rockin'! I thought she did a great job. What were the judges talking about, that they have to know the song. Why? Is America that dumb that they can't tell if she sings a song well they don't know??
House of the Rising Sun
She did a great job on that song too. She made it her own. Nice a capella at the beginning.


cdecotis said...

Last night was interesting. I walked in on James just after he began "Closer To the Edge", and I must say, I could not wait for it to be finished. It sounded so off and I really disliked the song choice. "Without You", while a nice song (and should have been credited to the songwriters Pete Ham/ Tom Evan of Badfinger-one of my fav teams), missed the mark for me tonight. While I hate to say it, I was disappointed by both song choices and the delivery.

Jacob's first song...ick. Enjoyed his vocals on "Love Hurts" but the arrangement was weird for with the harp and brass. Overall, I think he had two wrong song selections...though he sang his heart out on that.

I think Lauren is such a great kid. She did a good job last night...and I agree the abbreviated song versions are painful.

Thought Scotty's Mongomery Gentry song kicked ass. His Willie tune was boring...poor song choice for me. I'm sure he could have found another classic song that slowed it down a bit while still being vocally interesting.

I thought Haley's Lady Gaga song was a fine choice. It was strange that the judges were all over her for that tune, and were much kinder to some of the others who experienced some vocal glitches in their performances earlier. I loved the arrangement of "The House...Sun"...She sang it great.

I think the bottom three tonight, based on this week, should be James, Jacob, and Lauren...which you know, pains me to admit that, since I like them the better out of the remaining 5. I just thought Scotty and Haley did the best last night. I really don't know who should be voted off of the guys, I guess...?...

I predict America will give Jacob the boot over James though...I think the voters are too emotionally tied to James...

Vickie said...

Great to read your comments. We are definitely almost in complete agreement. We'll see who goes home tonight.